Double-Entry Bookkeeping Explained – Accounting Basics – Part 4

Welcome to the final video of our four-part Accounting Basics tutorials.

Here you will see everything you have learned from the first three videos come together to crystalise how it all relates to double-entry accounting.

In the first video, Debits vs Credits – Accounting Basics – Part 1, you learned a golden principle that governs debits and credits.

In the second video, The Nature of the Five Account Types – Accounting Basics – Part 2, you discovered why an entry is a debit or a credit.

In the third video, T-Accounts Explained – Accounting Basics – Part 3, you will see how to map out your debits and credits using a key visual bookkeeping method called T-Accounts.

So, go ahead and start learning about the fundamental building blocks of accounting and bookkeeping by watching all the videos in this series.

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