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Meet Mark and Petrina

Your Small Business Bookkeeping Partners


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As small business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to master the essential skill of bookkeeping.

 Finding the right learning experience can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. 


We founded Bullseye Money to offer you an affordable and easy alternative to traditional bookkeeping resources. Through clear and straightforward learning modules, we make it easy to take charge of your bookkeeping with confidence.


The way we wanted to learn when we started in business.

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Our Path Began Here

Our journey into the world of small business bookkeeping began when we left our corporate jobs – Mark as an accountant, Petrina as a Journalist – to create a life that would allow us to focus on our young family. 


Yet, when it came time to set up our business finances, especially diving into the popular Xero platform, we quickly learned we had a problem…


There was a shocking lack of high-quality, affordable Xero resources – especially ones that avoided complex jargon and confusing details that didn’t apply to us. 


When a disappointing $900 Xero course left us scratching our heads (we couldn’t believe something that basic could be so expensive!), we knew we could do better. 


Our vision took shape: High-quality AND affordable bookkeeping and Xero education delivering ‘must know’ essentials in plain English.


Harnessing Mark’s 25+ years of accounting expertise and our hours invested in mastering Xero for our own business, we launched the Bullseye Money YouTube channel and created The Ultimate Xero Power Pack.


It’s the type of small business bookkeeping resources we couldn’t find ourselves, so we created them.



Experience the Bullseye Money Difference

Our mission is clear: to remove the complexity from small business bookkeeping and empower you to handle your accounts in Xero stress-free. 


Because we believe in simplicity. If you’re looking for confusing explanations and bookkeeping jargon, you won’t find that here. 


Instead, you’ll get straightforward explanations, step-by-step guidance, and an affordable alternative to traditional bookkeeping resources – saving you hours of frustration on Google wading through tutorials that don’t speak your language. 


Why? Because we believe that high-quality bookkeeping empowerment should be available to everyone – without breaking the bank. 


It’s bookkeeping education with you in mind, and we are thrilled you’ve joined us here.

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No matter where you are on your bookkeeping journey, you’re not alone. 


We’re here to clarify your small business bookkeeping experience and empower you to manage your accounts in Xero with confidence.


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